10 most beautiful cities in the world for 2020 & the most beautiful cities for tourism !

Ucityguides has published a list of the most beautiful cities around the world for the year 2020, with a mixture of stunning landscapes and ancient buildings with a magnificent architectural style .

  • Bruges
    Although the city of Belgium is less known, Bruges is one of the most visited cities in Europe thanks to its privileged location, and it also includes many historical places of ancient medieval architecture such as Parliament, Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Budapest
    Budapest, the Hungarian capital, includes many tourist attractions and picturesque natural places, due to its location on the banks of the Danube River, as the Buda region contains the royal palace and the ancient town full of monuments dating back to most of the 19th century, along with the wonderful architecture that is evident in the suspension bridge Chain Bridge and Old Town Paths.
  • Rome
    The Italian capital, Rome, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as it is based on 7 hills on the banks of the River “Tiber”, and the city is famous for its monuments, historical monuments, beautiful squares and classic architecture, as well as its picturesque streets and elegant houses decorated with flowers.
  • Florence
    This Italian city is considered the cradle of the Renaissance, and is famous for its artistic and architectural heritage, which is reflected in its beautiful palaces and the contents of museums, as well as the famous square «Michelangelo» enjoy the enjoyment of a panoramic view of the city.
  • Amsterdam
    The Netherlands includes the Netherlands, the Netherlands, many water channels and bike paths, in addition to that it has about 90 islands and dozens of bridges, and there are a lot of museums rich in historical holdings and artworks, as well as buildings of elegant architecture and cobbled streets.
  • Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is characterized by stunning landscapes and wildlife, which makes it one of the most beautiful natural cities in the world, and one can enjoy seeing one of the most wonderful landscapes in the world from the top of the “Sugarlaf” mountain, in addition to hiking in areas with green areas and beautiful beaches.
  • Lisbon
    Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and its largest city, which has a wonderful climate and many attractive tourist destinations, such as the “Belem” tower, “Jeronimos Monastery” and others, as well as its location on a series of hills leading to the Tagus River, which makes it one of the best cities in the world with landscapes Picturesque.
  • Prague
    The Czech capital, Prague, is known as the city with a thousand towers, due to the abundance of towers over its churches and palaces, and the city was able to preserve its heritage features, historical buildings and its beautiful form of destruction, and it can enjoy attractive views through bridges erected across the «Vltava» river or wandering in the town square Old .
  • Paris
    Paris is located in France, on the banks of the Seine, and it is called the city of light, as it is characterized as one of the most elegant and developed cities in the world, and is famous for its huge squares, wonderful monuments and ancient buildings, besides it is referred to as the most romantic city in the world thanks to its beautiful streets and the elegance of its residents.
  • Venice
    Venice has won the title of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to its wonderful natural scenery and beautiful buildings that constitute wonderful artworks. It is also a unique city that resembles cities in fairy tales due to its cultural and artistic heritage. It also strengthens Across the city.