Funny stories are long and very entertaining

Long funny stories

Today we offer you exquisite stories, funny stories, long and very entertaining, suitable for big and small.
Because it carries many, many lessons and different sermons, the human being is an ever-learning being. He must benefit and learn from his mistakes in order not to repeat them. A believer does not bite from a hole twice.
Laughter is a curative matter in many cases, because the poor psychological state causes its owner to have a very weak immune system.
And when the immune system is weak, it is difficult to fight different diseases, and even strong immunity is enough to fight the toughest of different diseases.
Laughter is defensive. When a person laughs about a situation, he psychologically defends exposure to the same situation that he is laughing at.
Here is a collection of long funny stories from the dream site because we are keen on the site to renew your laugh and smile.

Long funny stories
The monument may be a problem that law and society punish, but the next story was the quorum .

The story of the farmer quorum
There was a farmer living with his wife in a small village, and their financial situation was somewhat small.

But the farmer was a quorum of the first order, but was artful of his time and early, as he committed many of the monument with ease and safety.

The farmer walked with his donkey, which he bought in installments and put in his mouth a lot of metal money. Of course, the money was falling from the donkey’s mouth.

And when people saw the donkey, they said how this is. He said that donkey is like this whenever I put him coins, he increases it, but I do not find enough food for him.

And one of the merchants said, I buy this donkey from you, and it will be my next source of livelihood.

When the merchant went to the house, the donkey died, so he went to the farmer’s house, and they did not find him and found his wife and told her the story.

She said that my husband went out on a mission, but I have a dog. I tell him what I want and he goes and my husband attends.

She called the wife to the dog and sent it outside, so the husband returned immediately with a dog with the same features as the first dog.

The merchant bought the dog from the wife and when the merchant went to the house and decided to test the dog, he released him, but the dog did not return.

The merchant went again to the farmer’s house and did not find the farmer, so they waited for him at the house until he came back and told his wife to make food, but she refused and stabbed her with the knife.

Blood poured in from everywhere, and the merchants said, How do you do this? He said do not worry that I do this a lot, but I have a whistle. Whenever I release it, my wife will live again.

The farmer used the whistle, so the wife again woke up, and the merchants decided to buy the beep and went and used it with their wives, but the wives actually died.

The merchants gathered and decided to kill the peasant. The peasant took the nisaab, tied it to a black stone, waited a little in the shadows, and left him to throw him in the sea.

But the farmer saw a shepherd with many sheep, so he shouted, I do not want to marry the daughter of the king. I only want my girlfriend.

So the shepherd went to the farmer, and how do you not want to marry the daughter of the king. The farmer said if you want, you enter this bag into my place and give me the sheep and I will take care of them for you and you will marry the daughter of the king.

The merchants took the sack and threw the shepherd into the sack in the sea. The next day, the merchants saw the farmer with many sheep.

They said to him, How is this? He said: You are meeting me in the sea, and the mermaid gave me the sheep, but you went deeper to give me more and more.

The merchants decided to go deep into the sea and committed suicide, and the peasant lived happily.

We presented you with long funny stories about the shrewd professional quorum who has never known history in its prey and monument either. Scientists say laughter is one of the things a baby learns before talking or walking. Because people’s instinct is happiness and the search for happiness, but happiness that comes from obedience to God and not disobedience.

Laughter also renews blood and stimulates blood circulation, which is very important, as laughter also strengthens the heart muscle and thus it prevents strokes and heart attacks. Laugh and rejoice because life is short, for no matter how long it takes for years, it will pass completely, but it is necessary to obey God first.