The best household cats ?

Best cats in the home .. Many cats can bloom in an apartment or in a small space, as long as you provide them with enough attention, play and the right environment. Some of the best domestic cats are characterized by comfortable and adaptable moods.

Cats with low to moderate levels of energy are happy in small living quarters, although active cats can work well if you give them proper exercise. Here are 9 of the best types of cats suitable for living in an apartment.

  • American cat short hair :
Short-haired American cat

The American Shorthair Cat is a medium sized cat with a pleasant nature that makes this breed a great companion for families with children and / or other pets, it is an easy cat that loves to live with humans. These cats can live well in apartments as long as you are home enough to meet their social needs. But they are also good at entertaining with games and watching windows.

Physically, a short-haired American cat is a healthy cat with a long life (15 years or more). Although they are not known for their sports, the short-haired American has a great deal of strength – a trait created during several years of rodent hunting on cargo ships. The most prominent feature of the breed may be its flat, round face, similar to Persian cats. As for their fur, the American cat hair with thick fur is thickening in winter and can be found in over 80 different combinations of colors and patterns.

  • Berman’s cat :

A lovely and affectionate berman cat that does not require much space. These serene cats just want to be where humans are favorite, making the size of their house unimportant. But they do have a fun side especially like chasing games with other pets.

Berman cat, Holy Cat, or Burma cat. Berman cat has white and brown hair with beautiful blue eyes. This cat is a cute smart cat breed that loves humans as well as loves to play with them. Berman or Burmese cats are tall cats, and males are larger in size than females.

  • British shorthair cat :
The best cats to live in an apartment

The British shorthair cat is a highly adaptable cat, and can bloom at home. These quiet cats usually prefer to hang around their homes. But they can have bursts of energy and love interactive play to challenge them mentally and physically. Food puzzles are great for keeping you entertained in a small space, as long as they don’t lead to over feeding.

Once you take a look at the British short-haired cat, you will recognize it, its beautiful shape and its circular features. This cat is one of the oldest English cat breeds, and this quiet cat has gained a place in homes and hearts in Britain and abroad due to its simple and attractive style.

  • Burmese cat :

Burmese cats are usually sweet and liked. These are social cats that prefer the continuous handling of humans or other pets, so they don’t feel lonely. They are also very athletic and need cat trees and other places where they can jump. But as long as they have a constant interest, the size of their house does not really matter, and it is considered one of the best domestic cats .

  • Cat Maine :
Cat Maine

The Maine Cat has never been known as the “Cute Giant” because of its easy, friendly nature. These large cats love to communicate with humans, but they do not usually require attention. They are successful in entertaining themselves, as long as they have some games and a window to watch. They are also often ready to walk outside on the leash of the exercise.

Maine cat is friendly, clever, skilled in catching mice, and other animals, is familiar with homes and open spaces. He is eager to please his owner and loves to eat meat and fish. A female cat produces a Maine universe from two puppies to three pups and is not similar to each other, reaching adulthood after four years because it is slow to develop and grow.

  • Persian cat (Shirazi) :
Shirazi cat

The Shirazi or Persian cat is distinguished by its long fur and sweet temperament, although the Shirazi cat tends to show its emotions only with humans closest to it. Amongst the purebred cats, the Shirazi is revered for its glamorous, charming appearance and calm demeanor. Over time, the breed has become one of the most popular animals among North American cat lovers, both for display purposes and for their tendency to be calm and pet-loving.

The Persian or Persian Shirazi cat is distinguished by its round face, very small nose and short feet, and it has large eyes that are often the same color as its hair, and its long soft fur and beautiful round face that made the Shirazi cat the most famous breed of cat in the world, especially in the United States of America.

  • Ragdul Cat :
Ragdul Cat

Ragdoll cats whose name is derived is the tendency of the breed to relax when being held. Ragdoll Cat generally has a moderate energy level and is very adaptive to many different living situations. She is somewhat playful, although her favorite activity is to track people around the house.

The Ragdoll Cat is ideal for many families who like to give a lot of affection and affection to their pets. Ragdoll’s cat simply thrives when it is courted and played with it, and the cat is called in its name. This type of cat is one of the largest types of cats, but don’t let that scare you. Since their sharp blue eyes and loud voice indicate that these cats are just great passion cats.

  • Blue Russian cat :
Blue Russian cat

The blue Russian cat tends to be affectionate but not clinging, spending some day alone resting in a sunny spot. These cats do not need much space because they are generally quiet and conservative, with a moderate energy level. They enjoy playing cat games, but often find them sitting up high, while observing their surroundings.

Blue Russian cat

The blue Russian cat looks large in size due to its thick double-soft coat. It might be a good choice for parents with allergies because they are from cats not to lose their hair too much, and produce less protein Fel d 1, which is a known allergen, compared to other cat breeds.

  • Scottish cat folded ear :

The friendly, calm Scottish cat folded ear can adapt to many different living places, including apartments. These serene cats love to indulge in everything people do, and one of their favorite activities is play. Food puzzles are good for their clever and curious nature, especially when you’re not at home with them.