The smartest types of cats

The smartest types of cats are difficult to identify because the cats have a lot of energy, with the inconvenience characteristic of them. Most of them are also curious, very in tune with their home activities, and enjoy the challenge of learning tricks and interactive games. But if you are looking for a smart cat, here are the smartest cats.

Abyssinian cat :

This cat is elegant, sporty, fit, and affectionate towards humans. Abyssinian cats are extremely smart and match their family activities. They are generally not cuddling cats, but they thrive with human attention, especially in the form of petting or grooming. They also tend to enjoy the company of other animals.

Bengali cat :

The Bengal cat is a beautiful, smart cat, with a wonderful wild appearance. This hybrid breed is becoming increasingly popular due to its various shapes and friendly personality, and it remains the same size as large domestic cats. It was developed by intermarrying a wild Asian tiger cat with a domestic cat such as the Ethiopian cat, the Pharaonic cat, or the American short-haired cat.

The Bengal cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. In the past, thieves stole it from its owners until they asked for large sums in exchange for returning it to its owners, due to the high price at this time. However, with the passage of time, the price of the Bengali cat decreased significantly, and the price became affordable to all, as it is now sold for about one thousand dollars. It is sold as a pet and of course this price varies from cat to cat, and the purpose of crossbreeding this Bengali cat was to obtain a domestic cat while retaining the wild appearance that brings attention.

Burmese cat :

Burmese cats are a friendly and dynamic breed that loves to interact with humans. The smartest cat, adaptable, fun, and trainable. But she thrives on socializing and prefers partnership, including other animals. The Burmese cat is a medium-sized cat with a strong muscular body, rounded heads, and golden crossed eyes .

Cornish Rex Cat :

The Rex Cornish Cat is an amazingly surprising and unusual cat breed, and it is one of the most famous cat breeds known for its good reputation for being
An active and social member of the family. These cats are the result of a natural boom in the 1950’s in Cornwall, England, but today they are common cat breeds in the United States.

At first glance, you will notice its large size, wide ear, and oval face for this strain. Before you notice his unusually curved back, narrow waist, and long limbs that make this cat a “hunting cat for the family.” It is considered one of the smartest types of cats and what gives more beauty to the appearance of the whimsical cornice of the Rex is the curly fur. These unique and unforgettable cats are great companion cats that are good for families.

Brown Havana cat :

Lovely brown havana cat with chocolate silky coat. It is a relatively rare cat breed that originated from cross-breeding the Siamese cat with several other strains. Smart, curious, kitten who loves socializing with their families. She is also moderately active and prefers interactive games to challenge her mentally and physically.

Savannah cat :

The savanna cat is a rare and highly intelligent breed. These cats are not for everyone. They need a lot of space to jump and play. They may feel bored easily, requiring adequate interaction and environmental enrichment.

Savannah cats .. a rare breed is a hybrid between an African catwalk and a domestic cat. The savanna is a tall, lean cat with long legs, large ears and a long neck. It appears with the usual dotted scalp, along with some bars, often against a golden background. Savannah is a strain smaller than the African caraval, about half the weight or less. It is a sociable, affectionate breed and in keeping with other pets and older children.

Siamese cat :

Siamese cat is one of the most well-known breeds of cats, cats with a sharp and sensitive nature, and its reaction cannot be predicted. His face. The Siamese cat is thin and slender, but strong.

The most distinguishing feature of the Siamese cat is the “dots”, which are dark patterns of colors found on the ears, face (mask), tail, legs and feet. Siamese cat, known as “meezers”, is still very popular with people looking for original pets.